Thief Class Rebalance

Due to popular demand(my friends yelling at me), the thief class has been rebalanced:

-Starting Stats-
HP: 125
Melee: 15
Range: 15
Magic: 5
Weapon: Dagger

Level 1: For 180 seconds, monsters drop 150% health!
Level 2: For 15 seconds, you attack 80% faster!
Level 3: For 180 seconds, monsters give 150% gold and exp!
Level 4: Cloak yourself. You are invincible for 15 seconds! Read More!

Over 150 Items

Here's a screenshot showing a custom weapon made by razerx. Each set of weapons add new special attacks, giving a variety of ways for combat to play out. Many of the best items are found only as quest rewards, so always take the time to help an out NPC.

And keep a lookout! There just might be a secret shop hidden inside one of the dungeons. Read More!


A special thanks to everyone who gave feedback, suggestions, and bug reports!

Here are the three big things left on the to-do list:
-Make the final area
-Update previous dungeons
-Add several minor features

It shouldn't be long now. The final version is just around the corner. Read More!

11/14 Dungeons Complete

I have taken a long break from working on Dego, but now it is time to finish up the game. There are only a few dungeons left, but I want to make sure each area adds new challenges and AI patterns. The final dungeons take the most time!

I've made countless tweaks to the game mechanics and will be adding several new features to existing dungeons. Some changes include:
-New ally types
-Power Drive special now knocks enemies back - making it incredibly awesome
-Players are no longer repositioned after using a camp, unless they were dead

Keep checking back for progress updates! Read More!

The Catacombs

I've begun working on the Catacombs, Dego's penultimate dungeon. This level features the strongest, most unique enemies so far and has the most drastic graphic change between dungeons 1 and 2. Just what is burried in the depths of the Catacombs?

Be careful, skeletons and zombies are looking to add your corpse to the unkempt piles. And keep a close eye out, who knows what else haunts these narrow halls.

Explore the crypts and the burial mounds. Just watch out for traps!

Think your character is strong? Face off against the deadly vampires, capable of sucking the health right out of you and then transforming into a bat to make their quick escape.
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The Dego Demo has officially received over 300 downloads. Thanks to everyone who played and keep on spreading the word. Read More!

Yeah, progress has been slow...

The last two weeks have been very busy for me, giving me only a brief chance to work on Dego. It didn't help that the NPCs for the latest dungeon required several new features added to the event scripting system. Not to mention the items given out as quest rewards required several new features to the item system.

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Over 100 Items

The game's database has finally reached over 100 items! As you progress through the game, there are more and more ways to get equipment - like a quest reward or by talking to a special NPC. I'm continuing to add new weapon abilities and specials, like the Vampire special that sacrifices large damage for a powerful health steal.

I've made another round of small, mostly unnoticeable updates, like a 20-50% FPS boost! The biggest change is a tweaking of melee characters. Many players complained that range and magic attackers had an advantage, so now melee characters have a slight attack boost and damage reduction. Additionally, they have extra attack range to make it easier to get multiple enemies with a single strike. Read More!

8/14 Dungeons Complete

A small progress update: over half the game's content is finished. I'm working hard to make each dungeon better than the last and to fill them with interesting enemies. It shouldn't be much longer before the final version is ready!

I'm constantly doing minor updates and bug fixes as well. One of the things added was a special graphic to the confuse and freeze conditions. Players can now easily notice when they are confused, and the controls are properly reversed. When players get frozen, they can physically see themselves inside a block of ice. If the player changes directions quickly, the ice will shatter and the condition will end early. Read More!

Introducing the Ice Temple

The Ice Temple is a multi-part side quest. This is the grandest, most adventurous quest to date - featuring an entire bonus dungeon designed solely for this challenge.

Click Read More for the entire update!

Players team up with five archeologist to excavate the old Ice Temple.

What you'll find is a massive raid featuring extra large monster groups, extra large treasure spawns, and rare, bonus items designed only for this quest.

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New Video

Check out the latest gameplay video:

The video plays through a couple rooms of the game's newest dungeon. Read More!

Dego Demo V1.1

Dego Demo Version 1.1 Released!

-4 dungeons, 60 items, and a ton of monsters
-Play with 3 friends - difficulty and treasure chests scale with player count
-Explore dungeons to find bonus quests and secret rooms
-Face off against challenging bosses

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Can I use my old character?
Yes! In the old Dego Beta "Saves" folder you will find a file for each character and a save of your control config. Just copy and paste these files into the new Dego Demo "Saves" folder. When you first load your character, the save file will be auto-updated to work with the new saved data, included an additional page of character statistics.

If a dungeon is too hard, don't keep trying forever. Completing previous dungeons, and the quests inside, can earn a lot of exp and items.

New Feature: Trade with other players!
Make sure to test out this new system! Two players at a time can trade by selecting it from the Shop sub-menu. Three star items are incredibly rare, so if you're playing with greedy friends, trading might be your only option!

How do I control the game?
If you're having trouble setting up multiplayer, you can use a program like GlovePIE, which lets you map multiple gamepad and wiimote buttons to keyboard keys.

All controls can be changed ingame, but default controls for player 1 are: arrow keys, z, x
Pressing "Escape" will forfeit the current dungeon

The game doesn't work!
The most common problem is missing or outdated DirectX 9 dlls. You can download the update from

If it's a gameplay bug or another type of error, post it here, and I'll try to fix it.
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Screenshots For All!

A set of screenshots showing off a variety of areas in the game. Click "Read More" to see the entire set.

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First Gameplay Video

Here's the first Dego gameplay video! This was a quick clip of me playing in an early, never released test level. Much has changed since this video!

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Concept Screens

Here are some of the first released screenshots. These are early concept maps used to test the level editor and test out future level ideas.

"If we travel past the horizon, what do you think we'll find?"
"I don't know, I don't care. Just as long as we walk together..."

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What is Dego?

The mysterious Malice King has conquered the land; rumors of his hatred race from ear to ear. Knights and nobles who dare challenge their new king are dispatched side by side; their haunted souls feeding the Malice King's might. The world cries for a hero to stop the unstoppable, to bring hope back to the land. Challenge evil alone or gather three heroes to fight by your side!

Dego is a dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players. This action RPG revolves around exploring and collecting, and features a simple, pick-up-and-play combat system that emphasizes player skill and teamwork over stat points.

- Create a custom character -
Choose your hair, clothing, accessories, and class. Battle monsters to earn stat points and find more clothes inside treasure chests.

- Collectible equipment -
Dego features three main types of weapons: melee, range, and magic. Each weapon will have different bonuses and special attack.

- Dungeons -
Dungeons are random and feature multiple paths, hidden rooms, puzzles, and bosses. There are plenty of secrets to find! Read More!