Yeah, progress has been slow...

The last two weeks have been very busy for me, giving me only a brief chance to work on Dego. It didn't help that the NPCs for the latest dungeon required several new features added to the event scripting system. Not to mention the items given out as quest rewards required several new features to the item system.

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Over 100 Items

The game's database has finally reached over 100 items! As you progress through the game, there are more and more ways to get equipment - like a quest reward or by talking to a special NPC. I'm continuing to add new weapon abilities and specials, like the Vampire special that sacrifices large damage for a powerful health steal.

I've made another round of small, mostly unnoticeable updates, like a 20-50% FPS boost! The biggest change is a tweaking of melee characters. Many players complained that range and magic attackers had an advantage, so now melee characters have a slight attack boost and damage reduction. Additionally, they have extra attack range to make it easier to get multiple enemies with a single strike. Read More!