Quest Spotlight: The Maestro

This is more of a minigame than a quest. The Maestro is a master composer known throughout the land, and lucky for you, he is willing to offer his services. He is willing to train anyone interested in music.

There are seven notes on the floor. The Maestro will play the middle note for reference, followed by a random note. Players must choose the right note to gain a point; choose wrong and you lose. Once you earn ten points, the party wins a reward, and the highest scoring player wins a bonus. Read More!

Item Spotlight: Fire Sword

This unique burning sword can shoot a powerful fireball attack. When a hero picks up this weapon, they have the versatility of switching between melee and range attacks at a moments notice. And being a sword covered in flames, it naturally has a chance of setting enemies on fire with each attack. No merchant can get a hold of one of these elusive blades, but treasure hunters say you might be able to spot one in the Catacombs. Read More!

Quest Spotlight: The Lost Sword

Since I'm working on quests and items, a couple people have suggested I post some updates showing off some of the quests and items in the game. So here is the start of short series of updates that will last until I'm ready to release the final game.

This shady, villain-like man asks you to pick up his lost sword, but refuses to explain why he is too afraid to do it himself.

The task seems simple enough. The sword is resting on the ground, surrounded by four inanimate stone statues. I bet nothing bad will happen when you pick it up. Read More!

A Quick Update

I completely underestimated the amount of time it will take to finish this project! I know I said my next update would have a trailer, but I want to post this quick update to make sure everyone knows this project isn't dead, and I'm still working as often as possible.

This game is heavily item based, giving players the chance to put together countless equipment combinations to customize their character. Right now there are 300 items, a good portion of which offer something unique. Most of my time right now is going into making these items and testing it all. Additionally, there were a couple quests and minigames I had planned, but still needed go back and add in. So basically, quests, items, and testing left to do. Don't know when Dego will be finished. Read More!