Item Spotlight: Fire Sword

This unique burning sword can shoot a powerful fireball attack. When a hero picks up this weapon, they have the versatility of switching between melee and range attacks at a moments notice. And being a sword covered in flames, it naturally has a chance of setting enemies on fire with each attack. No merchant can get a hold of one of these elusive blades, but treasure hunters say you might be able to spot one in the Catacombs.

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anthony said...

wow bro nice cant wait till its all done dude ur doing well XD

Anonymous said...

What level is Annie at?

Mike said...

Annie is level 107, the character I play with my friends is around the same level, and my friends who play and test with me the most are around level 80. Right now I'm thinking the level cap will be 200. Players probably wont reach it, and you wont have to max out your level to be able to play all the endgame content.

Also, sorry for the late reply. I've been out of town and will be leaving for another couple days in a few minutes, so this week's update will probably be posted sat. or sun.

anthony said...

wow bro sounds good to me XD

Moondoggie said...

Annie is only 107? I thought she was higher... I haven't tested in a while and i'm still close to that :(

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