8/14 Dungeons Complete

A small progress update: over half the game's content is finished. I'm working hard to make each dungeon better than the last and to fill them with interesting enemies. It shouldn't be much longer before the final version is ready!

I'm constantly doing minor updates and bug fixes as well. One of the things added was a special graphic to the confuse and freeze conditions. Players can now easily notice when they are confused, and the controls are properly reversed. When players get frozen, they can physically see themselves inside a block of ice. If the player changes directions quickly, the ice will shatter and the condition will end early. Read More!

Introducing the Ice Temple

The Ice Temple is a multi-part side quest. This is the grandest, most adventurous quest to date - featuring an entire bonus dungeon designed solely for this challenge.

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Players team up with five archeologist to excavate the old Ice Temple.

What you'll find is a massive raid featuring extra large monster groups, extra large treasure spawns, and rare, bonus items designed only for this quest.

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New Video

Check out the latest gameplay video:

The video plays through a couple rooms of the game's newest dungeon. Read More!

Dego Demo V1.1

Dego Demo Version 1.1 Released!

-4 dungeons, 60 items, and a ton of monsters
-Play with 3 friends - difficulty and treasure chests scale with player count
-Explore dungeons to find bonus quests and secret rooms
-Face off against challenging bosses

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Can I use my old character?
Yes! In the old Dego Beta "Saves" folder you will find a file for each character and a save of your control config. Just copy and paste these files into the new Dego Demo "Saves" folder. When you first load your character, the save file will be auto-updated to work with the new saved data, included an additional page of character statistics.

If a dungeon is too hard, don't keep trying forever. Completing previous dungeons, and the quests inside, can earn a lot of exp and items.

New Feature: Trade with other players!
Make sure to test out this new system! Two players at a time can trade by selecting it from the Shop sub-menu. Three star items are incredibly rare, so if you're playing with greedy friends, trading might be your only option!

How do I control the game?
If you're having trouble setting up multiplayer, you can use a program like GlovePIE, which lets you map multiple gamepad and wiimote buttons to keyboard keys.

All controls can be changed ingame, but default controls for player 1 are: arrow keys, z, x
Pressing "Escape" will forfeit the current dungeon

The game doesn't work!
The most common problem is missing or outdated DirectX 9 dlls. You can download the update from microsoft.com

If it's a gameplay bug or another type of error, post it here, and I'll try to fix it.
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