Dego Demo V1.1

Dego Demo Version 1.1 Released!

-4 dungeons, 60 items, and a ton of monsters
-Play with 3 friends - difficulty and treasure chests scale with player count
-Explore dungeons to find bonus quests and secret rooms
-Face off against challenging bosses

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Can I use my old character?
Yes! In the old Dego Beta "Saves" folder you will find a file for each character and a save of your control config. Just copy and paste these files into the new Dego Demo "Saves" folder. When you first load your character, the save file will be auto-updated to work with the new saved data, included an additional page of character statistics.

If a dungeon is too hard, don't keep trying forever. Completing previous dungeons, and the quests inside, can earn a lot of exp and items.

New Feature: Trade with other players!
Make sure to test out this new system! Two players at a time can trade by selecting it from the Shop sub-menu. Three star items are incredibly rare, so if you're playing with greedy friends, trading might be your only option!

How do I control the game?
If you're having trouble setting up multiplayer, you can use a program like GlovePIE, which lets you map multiple gamepad and wiimote buttons to keyboard keys.

All controls can be changed ingame, but default controls for player 1 are: arrow keys, z, x
Pressing "Escape" will forfeit the current dungeon

The game doesn't work!
The most common problem is missing or outdated DirectX 9 dlls. You can download the update from

If it's a gameplay bug or another type of error, post it here, and I'll try to fix it.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that when you are the mage and have the weapon "Torch" as soon as I use the level 4 skill I can never use my special again until the level is over

Rather than that this is one of the best Darkbasic games I have ever played.

Mike said...

Thanks for the bug report! It was a quick fix :)

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