Thief Class Rebalance

Due to popular demand(my friends yelling at me), the thief class has been rebalanced:

-Starting Stats-
HP: 125
Melee: 15
Range: 15
Magic: 5
Weapon: Dagger

Level 1: For 180 seconds, monsters drop 150% health!
Level 2: For 15 seconds, you attack 80% faster!
Level 3: For 180 seconds, monsters give 150% gold and exp!
Level 4: Cloak yourself. You are invincible for 15 seconds! Read More!

Over 150 Items

Here's a screenshot showing a custom weapon made by razerx. Each set of weapons add new special attacks, giving a variety of ways for combat to play out. Many of the best items are found only as quest rewards, so always take the time to help an out NPC.

And keep a lookout! There just might be a secret shop hidden inside one of the dungeons. Read More!