A special thanks to everyone who gave feedback, suggestions, and bug reports!

Here are the three big things left on the to-do list:
-Make the final area
-Update previous dungeons
-Add several minor features

It shouldn't be long now. The final version is just around the corner. Read More!

11/14 Dungeons Complete

I have taken a long break from working on Dego, but now it is time to finish up the game. There are only a few dungeons left, but I want to make sure each area adds new challenges and AI patterns. The final dungeons take the most time!

I've made countless tweaks to the game mechanics and will be adding several new features to existing dungeons. Some changes include:
-New ally types
-Power Drive special now knocks enemies back - making it incredibly awesome
-Players are no longer repositioned after using a camp, unless they were dead

Keep checking back for progress updates! Read More!