11/14 Dungeons Complete

I have taken a long break from working on Dego, but now it is time to finish up the game. There are only a few dungeons left, but I want to make sure each area adds new challenges and AI patterns. The final dungeons take the most time!

I've made countless tweaks to the game mechanics and will be adding several new features to existing dungeons. Some changes include:
-New ally types
-Power Drive special now knocks enemies back - making it incredibly awesome
-Players are no longer repositioned after using a camp, unless they were dead

Keep checking back for progress updates!

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Anonymous said...

Oh that's why I haven't seen an update in forever. T.T

Really can't wait for the final version!

Moondoggie said...

Does the power drive have the same animation, because that one has been my favorite so far. If it does knock back, then it is even better than before. By the way, i'm coming home this weekend, so if i'm not doing homework the whole time, I should help you test the catacombs, since you clearly can't do it without my help :D

Mike said...

Very good testing session the other night. Here's the list of bugs I've fixed:
-Slime, Rat, and Angel are more powerful
-Minor collision error in Catacombs 2 is fixed
-Replaced missing exit in Catacombs 1
-Melee characters can now attack Catacombs 2 boss
-The shop now shows 6* items that weren't appearing (most of the range weapons and all of the magic weapons)
-Flames now spin independent of FPS
-Tundra 2 boss reacts properly if you kill it too fast
-Reaper's black mines no longer cover bullets and spells
-Big FPS boost to Catacombs 2
-Black Sword graphic is no longer messed up
-Immovable monsters like bosses should no longer make slight movements
-Green chests drop less clothes and more items
-The heartbeat sound was playing, but my laptop speakers play it really quietly, so I don't know what to do about that - tell me if you can hear it on your computer
-And most importantly, fixed that awful bug where the map loads but you can't see your characters

Anything I missed?

Moondoggie said...

Nope, you didn't miss anything, but i found some more stuff.

-Map bug at the beginning of the catacombs 2, where you can walk on the fire/lava, just below the starting bridge.
-Animation for the malignant staff 6* is messed up, and is not placed correctly on characters.
-I encountered a bug, where i only walked far enough at the boss to kill the beginning parts without them attacking me
-In the room before the boss, only the ghost spawns if you walk a little bit into it... I'm not saying thats a bad thing, considering the situation if i take two more steps in. :D
-I suggest you increase the chance to freeze for the frost sword and the ice shard ranged weapon

Oh, yes the heartbead does sound, but it is very quiet. Good work on fixing that terrible bug where the map loads the characters off screen. :D

Yeah... If i find any more things, I'll let you know.

Mike said...

Okay, all of those things have been fixed, except the one about the room before the boss. That is intentional, and there are several rooms in the game where more monsters spawn the farther you walk in. The goal is to give careful, skillful players an easier time in some of the harder rooms.

Moondoggie said...

Did you fix it for the boss at least? Because that was the easiest battle i've fought... Easier than when we destroyed that bird...lol

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this testing public? :(

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