A Quick Update

I completely underestimated the amount of time it will take to finish this project! I know I said my next update would have a trailer, but I want to post this quick update to make sure everyone knows this project isn't dead, and I'm still working as often as possible.

This game is heavily item based, giving players the chance to put together countless equipment combinations to customize their character. Right now there are 300 items, a good portion of which offer something unique. Most of my time right now is going into making these items and testing it all. Additionally, there were a couple quests and minigames I had planned, but still needed go back and add in. So basically, quests, items, and testing left to do. Don't know when Dego will be finished.

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Anonymous said...

Good to know it's still alive at least.
Keep up the work.

anthony said...

good to no ur still working on it just let me no when ur all done looking forward to it all keep updates c ya guys

Ajatom said...

Ive noticed something about a lot of darkbasic projects. Much is finished in short amounts of time in the first months, but as the end of the game is being finished it takes forever to tie the ends up

Saiya said...

Let's just hope that he doesn't take forever to tie those ends and do whatever else he needs.

anthony said...

ya well maybe it be done soon i really hope so guys it be great XD

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