Over 100 Items

The game's database has finally reached over 100 items! As you progress through the game, there are more and more ways to get equipment - like a quest reward or by talking to a special NPC. I'm continuing to add new weapon abilities and specials, like the Vampire special that sacrifices large damage for a powerful health steal.

I've made another round of small, mostly unnoticeable updates, like a 20-50% FPS boost! The biggest change is a tweaking of melee characters. Many players complained that range and magic attackers had an advantage, so now melee characters have a slight attack boost and damage reduction. Additionally, they have extra attack range to make it easier to get multiple enemies with a single strike.

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Anonymous said...

I find a small problem in the game...there are no requirements for weapons

I gave my level 1 Thief a Item that I found at The Lower level Goblin Mines....It was a bit easy from then on....

perhaps you can add a function where you have to be a certain level before equipping a specific powerful weapon

Mike said...

I didn't really want to limit players who finished dungeons at lower levels than others. If I add weapon requirements, it'll be a low enough level not to affect people, but still stop new characters from using high end gear.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutley correct

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