What is Dego?

The mysterious Malice King has conquered the land; rumors of his hatred race from ear to ear. Knights and nobles who dare challenge their new king are dispatched side by side; their haunted souls feeding the Malice King's might. The world cries for a hero to stop the unstoppable, to bring hope back to the land. Challenge evil alone or gather three heroes to fight by your side!

Dego is a dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players. This action RPG revolves around exploring and collecting, and features a simple, pick-up-and-play combat system that emphasizes player skill and teamwork over stat points.

- Create a custom character -
Choose your hair, clothing, accessories, and class. Battle monsters to earn stat points and find more clothes inside treasure chests.

- Collectible equipment -
Dego features three main types of weapons: melee, range, and magic. Each weapon will have different bonuses and special attack.

- Dungeons -
Dungeons are random and feature multiple paths, hidden rooms, puzzles, and bosses. There are plenty of secrets to find!

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Anonymous said...

Sound cannot load at line 14559....Running on XP

Anonymous said...

I that problem, just re-download the game

Michael Pierce said...

What does the 4-leaf clover do? Someone should put together a Wiki for this game! IF that would be cool with Mike...

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