A Minor Setback

For some reason, I decided it was best to handle all of my development on a nearly decade old computer, already one step past the edge of its life. Last Saturday, my old faithful hard drive decided its time was up. Now irreparable hard drive damage is the last thing you want to hear, especially when it contains the latest Dego build. Unfortunately, my most recent Dego backup wasn't all that recent. It was missing 50 new items, an extensive new quest, and a handful of bug fixes and balance tweaks - not anything I'd like to redo. Luckily, a friend and I managed to recover a significant amount of data from my little dead hard drive, and the data is resting safely on his external drive. Now all I need to get back to work is buy an external hard drive to hold all my backed up data and install all my development software on my laptop.

Not wanted to give all bad news, here's the remaining to-do list:
-Make reward items for 3 finished quest
-Make 2 new quests
-Make any extra items
-Make final tweaks
-Have a final round of testing
-And possibly add a secret dungeon (but I guess it wouldn't be a secret if I confirmed it, would it?)

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Moondoggie said...

R.I.P. compy... I thought that thing was invincible.

Anonymous said...

sooo how long is it gonna take to get a new hard drive.

Mike said...

Today hopefully. I've had a packed schedule these last couple of weeks, and it has been hard to find even the smallest bit of free time.

dawnbomb said...

i asume you will send in a post when everything is ok again, just to say everything is ok again...and i will await such a post :p

also you should make some kind of Dego mascot character using your character creator XD put em on the main page and pictures/icons on the sides of him/her killing off the monsters :P

also..is there ever a doppelganger boss, or a fight with what seems to be every class of hero?

Mike said...

I've had some other, more personal, issues come up, but I'll post an update as soon as I get back to work.

I'm going to make a little character for the game's icon. I might use the one I made before or change it to one of the storyline characters. Most of the boss battles are giant monsters, but there are several fights with people that are more like the characters. They all have unique abilities though and don't copy the player classes.

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