Item Spotlight: Bomb

This weapon was suggested by Dawnbomb, and I thought it was a really neat idea so I made sure to include it. Instead of a direct attack, the special attack of this item sets down a bomb. It counts down from 3, then blows up, damaging anything nearby. Even players suffer damage from the bomb, so make sure to stand back! This weapon is very useful for clumping monsters together and hitting them all at once. The bomb is quite special and can only be bought from an in-dungeon merchant.

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Ajatom said...

All my wishes have come true

Saiya said...

Looks cool. Guess I'll just find that merchant and blow those monsters to bits. :)

Dawnbomb said...

thats awesome XD

also i saw what you did with the bombs but theres another way other then making numbers appear everywhere with bombs that block players sight (especially if the multi-player part has everyone using bombs)

make it so you can see the bombs fuse slowly fizzle into the bomb then explode, that way you can still tell the time left without a clock, and maybe a cool the fuse is burning sound effect XD

you may consider being able to know when a bomb will explode in some way others then just guessing. even if you use that number countdown system it would help.

one last thing you might want a cooler brighter font for the damage numbers, and maybe a second font when damaging a boss.

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