Story and Characters

The world is dark and bleak. Crime runs rampant; not even the nobles feel safe. The shadow of the Malice King covers the land. No one has ever seen the mysterious king, but they are sure he is responsible for all their problems. Many would-be heroes traveled the land, sword in hand, to slay the Malice King, but none have ever returned. Now it is your turn to walk in their footsteps. The world needs a hero!

Main Characters

The Envoy of Malice
The only one to have ever seen the Malice King. The Envoy is the king's trusty aid and gladly delivers the message of evil. He takes great pride in the fact that the King of Malice and Shade chose him and granted him a share of his limitless power. Wherever you go, he's always there collecting tribute for the Malice King. He will take as much money as possible for his services.


Zack is a man born with a sword in his hand. He lives to fight, constantly seeks out stronger opponents, and instantly becomes friends with those who walk the same path. He's out to defeat the Malice King and will gladly fight alongside you. He will take as much money as possible for his services.

The wise old wizard. Clifton has always been incredibly intelligent and a prodigy at magic. His decisions are calculated and rational, always being careful to make the right choice. He feels he is one of the few strong enough to stop the Malice King, but will team up with you if it proves beneficial. He will take as much money as possible for his services.

Side Characters

A traveling merchant who has consistent bad luck with getting his bombs stolen. He specializes in selling his trademark bombs and exotic, high-priced equipment.

A self-proclaimed world renown archeologist. He's always trying to one-up himself and seeks out the most dangerous expeditions. His poorly kept secret is that he would much rather sell his discoveries than study them.

Just wanted to squeeze in this last post. My main tester and I have been working all day finding and fixing bugs. I think we've done all we can do, so I'm going to compile the final project, do one last test run, and upload it. Check back in an hour or so.

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Moondoggie said...

Hooray, I'll be home all next week, so we need to play and hopefully you won't have to make any patches :)

Anonymous said...

how many hp is at 11 dungeon boss (in catacombs), I can not beat him :/

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