Item Spotlight: The Wayfarer's Wand

This expensive, store bought wand has a very powerful ability. Instead of just one special attack, it uses a random magic special attack. One attack may be a powerful magic blast, while the next may steal health. There's even a small chance the staff may buff you! But of course, not all effects are positive, so you better hope luck is on your side.

Check back later this week for a big announcement!

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AJatom said...

I like the look.

I hope the "big announcement" is what i think it is. A definite release date

anthony said...

i want it lol and wanna play

Dawnbomb said...

just checked up on dego after a month of work, and i must say...i totally thought the game would only have 8 or 12 dungeons...but this is massave!

with all these traps and switches its kinda reminding me of a randomly generated zelda game XD

anyway you said later this week and if you dont say it by monday it will be a week :o

one last idea..just release it rather then trying to find the broken combos, then in like a week or to google for "the best dego character setups" and i can be very sure they will find them all for you, then release a 1.1 patch fixing this while lying and saying theres a new item, plus switching your main download with the 1.1 verson....during this 1-2 week period dont post the download elsewhere just link to your site, that way people later cant get ahold of the broken copy :D

and thus ends my wall-o-text. in other news my friends B-day is on monday...but i got him starcraft 2 cause hes a RTS buff so thats totally unrelated to saying something before monday. but bye anyway :3

Merrick Hutchinson said...

amazing game, get and play...NOW!
you will not regret getting this game, partly because it's free, but mostly because it's awesome

Anonymous said...

do it

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