Item Combos

Player's have four equipment slots allowing them to equip a weapon, two extra items, and an ally to fight besides them. This leads to a lot of potential combos! Here are some examples:

Combo 1
Weapon: Anything with sacrifice special (Lose life to deal a ton of damage)
Extra 1: High Speed Regeneration (10% HP Regen, -400 HP)
Extra 2: Legend's Armor (+200 HP, suffer 5% less damage)

The high regen rate lets players continually use the sacrifice special while gaining all the life back. The armor helps offset the -400 HP drawback.

Combo 2
Weapon: Anything with risk special (You do more damage the less life you have)
Extra 1: Empathy (Enemies who damage you are damaged themselves)
Extra 2: Magenta Teddy Bear (Do 25% more damage, but suffer 25% more yourself)

Empathy encourages a play style involving purposely getting hit, which just powers up the risk special. The teddy bear makes you do even more damage when you attack, and empathy makes the negative drawback(suffer 25% more damage) mean that the enemies suffer even more damage when they attack.

Combo 3
Weapon: Summoner's Staff (Summons a minion when near death)
Extra 1: Ally Medal (Summoned minions last 25% longer)
Extra 2: Overdrive (5% TP Regen, -400 HP)

This combo is perfect for a Necromancer. The high TP regen lets them repeatedly summon minions, while the -400 HP means the staff's ability will activity more often, leading to even more minions. And of course, all these guys stick around 25% longer.

This should give everyone a better understanding on how equipment combos work. Hopefully this will make discovering the hundreds of items available more fun!

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Anonymous said...

we can keep our old demo characters by copying the save file right?

Moondoggie said...

Yes, just make sure to save it or copy it to another folder before deleting the demo.

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