Heathcliff's Battle Arena

While crossing the world in search of the Malice King, you'll come across the Battle Arena. It's run by a retired war general who gathers monster from all across the land to test people's combat skills. The tournaments here involve you fighting waves of monsters in a confined arena, and depending on how strong Heathcliff considers you, you'll have access to up to four different tournaments.

Additionally, there are a group of challenges designed to improve you skill level.

Challenges feature fighting a group of monsters while confused and going an entire battle without being hit. Not all the content here is unlocked the first time you visit. You'll want to return later to see what else is available.

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starwaker said...

That will be funny to watch.

Anonymous said...

The wait is unbearable.

At least give an estimate of when you will release it because my F5 key is having a workout

Mike said...

I'm actually still working. A couple of hours before it's ready.

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