Title Screen

Ashingda 27 was kind enough to draw Dego a new title screen!

The title features a party of four facing off against a group of monsters, led by the Envoy of Malice.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pic, looking forward to the release!

Anonymous said...

how many dungeons left?

Moondoggie said...

From the last time I talked to Mike, he was just starting the mapping for the last dungeon. So I'm sure it won't be too much longer till the final version in complete.

Moondoggie said...

At least hopefully it won't take him too much longer. That is if he doesn't spend much of his time playing phantasy star zero. :D

Dawnbomb said...

i was gonna get that, but i got sands of destruction :p

anyway do you think it might be done before february 20th? im hosting a huge party with my friends and it would be a great huge game to chill out and tackel :D

that is if i pass my classes, this week is both cul;minating due by thursday and exams on friday.

im usually super never study person but its like super cram session. if i fail ANY classes (im SO close ) this would be my first failed class ever and even tho i would probibrly get punished im more worried about how depressed il be :/

when i know something is my fault and i can do anything i get extremly depressed and stop playing games till i somehow fix it, sure it rarely happens, but i feel like $H!^ when it does, and i bet failing a class will be like my worst one yet.

but anyway if all goes well (il be so mad if it doesn't) il hope u gys get it done by then k :3

Mike said...

February 20th? I'll do my best to get it out by then. Right now, I want to finish the game as soon as possible.

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